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How To Save Money For A Wedding in 6 Months

Are you wondering: how do I save money for a wedding in 6 months? Don't think you have enough money to get married? Need some help on how you're going to start to save money for your wedding and do you need to do this fast?? Then this is exactly what you're looking for.

We were able to save money for a wedding in 6 months. What's the amount? 200,000 pesos ($4,000)!

This is a relatively small amount for a wedding (compared to big ones) but this was a challenge for us. Why?

  1. We are earning employee-level salaries. We're no celebrities nor big-time entrepeneurs.

  2. We are both busy with work + ministry and cannot find time to do a demanding side-hustle or to manage a business.

  3. We have quite a hefty amount of financial responsibilities. I have my personal responsibilities (insurance, family stuff--tuition fee, house loan, etc) and Natz has his as well (motorcycle purchase, tuition fee for school, outstanding debt). We also regularly give to God through the church, and to others.

  4. We wanted to pay for our wedding 100%. As a gift to our families, we didn't want to give them any financial burden so we declined, even though they generously offered.

  5. While I had some amount saved, we didn't want to touch that AT ALL. We saved money for our wedding in 6 months (nag-ipon kami para sa kasal) ON TOP of already existing saving mechanisms.

In short, without any new major source of income, and with the same amount of "bills to pay", we had to save an extra ~35,000 pesos ($700) every month!

Can relate? I can imagine you saying yes, so here we are the things we did to save money for our wedding in 6 months (para mag-ipon para sa kasal):

How to Save Money for a Wedding in 6 Months


We started saving for our wedding (mag-ipon para sa kasal) even BEFORE we got engaged, and that was 6 months before our actual wedding. We were sure that we wanted to get married, so we set a target date to tell us when we should have completed saving money. As a quote says, "A goal is a DREAM with a DEADLINE."

Without a target date, you'd likely be less disciplined with saving money for your wedding (pag-iipon para sa kasal).

It really helped us to have this target date settled. We originally targeted July, which originally gave us 9 months to save...but things changed when we got engaged and it got moved up by 3 months--which was a different challenge altogether.


Almost every girl has a dream wedding. As a hopeless romantic, I had Pinterest boards dedicated to the wedding that I wanted to have. When Natz and I talked about it though--especially why we were getting married, and who we wanted to be with us during the occasion--we realized that we wanted to keep it small and simple. We initially wanted to go for 50 guests, but realized that it was near impossible, so we settled with 120 guests. We wanted the wedding to show our personalities--so we DIY-ed almost everything, and tapped the help of 'supplier' friends.

We knew that we wanted to save money for our marriage & future family, more than our wedding.

I am NOT judging those who want a big wedding. As long as you have the means and you're not getting a loan just to pay for that, that's all well and good.

I am NOT saying that you shouldn't treat your wedding as a "special day". It is an occasion that deserves attention. But, if you're just making it a grand wedding because you're jealous of someone on social media or you want to "show off", then you may want to revisit why you're actually getting married.


To save money for a wedding in 6 months (makapag-ipon para sa kasal), you reaaaaaaaaaally need to manage your finances and stick to a budget.

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As much as being engaged or prepping for a wedding may make you want to "date" more, for our case, we had to consciously cut back on our date spending so that we can save more money for our wedding in 6 months (para maka-ipon para sa kasal).

There was even one time that we were already in line for Korean BBQ that would cost us 500 pesos ($10) each, but we realized that we can have good food elsewhere for 1/4 the amount. (Story below.)

AGAIN, I have no issues if you have the means to spend. However, if you are already struggling financially, we advise that you STOP WITH THOSE UNNECESSARY PURCHASES.

Do you really need that new phone or that new pair of shoes? Do you want those things more than being able to save money for your wedding?


As we mentioned earlier, our timeline got sped up from 9 months to 6 months. We had less time to save money for our wedding in 6 months (para mag-ipon para sa kasal). But, we did not worry. Nor did we rely on ourselves entirely. We trusted that the Lord will come through and true enough, He showered His favor and gave us unexpected blessings that got added to our wedding budget.

My verse of that season was Ephesians 3:20 which says:

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

By faith, we believed that God will provide more than what we planned for, and true enough, He exceeded that 200,000 pesos that we had saved.

With that, we want to encourage you. It's NOT IMPOSSIBLE! This can be your story too! Make that decision to be wise with your finances today. Be a good steward of your finances and show God that you have FAITH in Him by acting in accordance with what you believe. Start applying what you've learned on how to save money for your wedding in 6 months (paano mag-ipon para sa kasal)!

Our prayer for you: We pray that you will be made to prosper so that you won't have to get a loan or put off that wedding just because of finances.


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