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Unexpected Love Letter

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Natz surprised me with an unexpected love letter last Wednesday. I ended up in tears after reading the note as it was quite a while since he last wrote something that long for me. We normally exchanging random sweet notes, but this one was a full-on expression of his love. It wasn't just generic phrases and cliches; instead, it was Natz being vulnerable especially regarding the situation that day that caused him to write to me.

I'm not really a "Words" kind of girl in terms of love language, but I appreciated his gesture so much. My love tank was filled to the brim! It only took Natz an hour of his time, a few pieces of paper, and a huge dose of openness and honesty, but it gave our relationship a surge and push which we needed after ome tough times over the last few weeks.

I have learned that love can be appreciated much if it is expressed much. So go ahead, say what you need to say. Tell someone you love that you love them. Write that love letter.


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