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Uratex Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad Review

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Apart from sharing learnings and stories, we figured that we'd use this blog to share with you products, establishments & services that have helped our married life -- and we're kicking it off with a review of the Uratex Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad, which we think is the egg crate mattress you should be looking for in the Philippines!

Our Back Story

We bought our lovely wood bed frame and a four-inch mattress from another brand at their store in Mandaluyong. We got them for a really good and discounted price - which was key for us at the time as we were spending a lot on our wedding & other applicances. As long as it "works" and was comfortable enough, we were good with it - and the upgrade can just follow once we have some wiggle room financially.

We were pretty much content with our bed set-up for 3 months. We had some sweaty nights - but we attributed that to the hot weather. We had decent enough yet not-so-deep sleep - but we attributed that to us having short slumber times.

The complacency all changed when I started having back pain due to a slight injury. I'd wake up with an aching back, and I knew that I needed a remedy better than massage oil and Salonpas. I wanted to buy a MEMORY FOAM for our bed -- but I knew that it was beyond our budget. Haha! I searched online for cheaper alternatives then, and I found an egg crate mattress in the form of the Uratex Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad!

Ours came from the Uratex Lazada Shop as we wanted to make sure our Uratex Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad was the real deal. (We got ours at around 1,550 pesos 'cause we bought during the 8.8 sale)

The item arrived 6 days after purchase and we were quick to test it out immediately! Our Uratex Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad was packaged securely and came with a clear bag for storage.

Uratex Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad Review

Here are our thoughts on the Uratex Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad:

1 - Dimensions are accurate

We did not have trouble propping our Uratex Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad on our bed as the dimensions indicated online were correct! It was a right fit to our Full Double bed frame. In case you have a bigger or a smaller bed, they do have other options (Queen, Double, Single).

2 - It's sturdy and it stays in place

We did not have to use any grip or band. We literally just put in on top of our existing mattress, and covered it with a fitted bed sheet, and the Uratex Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad stays in place. If you want to move it in someway or if you need it realigned, you'd need to take it off of the mattress and put it on top again as your usual wiggles or nudges won't cause it to move.

3 - Sweaty nights no more!

Probably because of the "egg-tray" shape, air seems to be able to flow more freely on our backs. Even on hot nights, we'd have dry backs without any sweat thanks to our Uratex Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad!

4 - Back pain be gone!

After a few weeks with the Uratex Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad (and some stretching & a lot of prayer), my back pain is gone. It has helped provide ample support to my back instead of just having a block of firm mattress. NOTE: This is where the BLUE and the YELLOW variants differ. They are not just the same thing with different colors. The blue one is softer and has a medium firm feel, and this yellow one (Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad) is firmer. I'd recommend the firmer one - as the blue option (Bio-Aire Mattress Pad) may be too soft to provide back support.

5 - Hello to sound and sweet slumber!

My husband's honestly the bigger fan of our Uratex Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad. Ever since we got this, he says that he's had deeper and more relaxing sleep even if he had a shorter time to catch some Z's. Sometimes, it's really not so much how long you were able to sleep, but the quality of it.

Yes! We recommend that you buy your own Uratex Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad!

We are so in love with ours and have had much comfort sleeping :) Our only caution is that you may need to fight the tendency to sleep each time, 'cause this bed will suck your body right in and make you want to rest all the time! Haha! :) This egg crate mattress is a good value for your money and the right buy for you if you're looking for "memory foam topper" comfort for a fraction of the price.

Get your Uratex Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad now from the Uratex Lazada Shop! This is NOT a paid post, but we just loved it so much that we wanted to recommend it to you.


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